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Center Stage Leadership Development

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Welcome to Center Stage Leadership Development. 

This site is designed for the leadership development and mentoring of school leaders, to more fully engage their audience and to empower their school organizations to achieve increased levels of audience engagement and student achievement.

Please contact Dr. Del Hart to schedule leadership development and mentoring of leaders in your school.



Dr. Del Hart

My experience in the field of transformative effective school leadership is unparalleled.  Under my audience-based, center stage leadership model, various educational organizations were transformed and revitalized.  These transformations were accomplished by developing the existing character traits of the school leaders, which is a hallmark of my leadership model.

I respect individuals, I celebrate their achievements and talents, and I patiently work with them, in order to develop them to their highest potential.  As a consequence, these individuals are empowered and enabled to drive the organization to heights previously thought to be unattainable, while morale simultaneously soars. This approach to leadership is invigorating, sustaining, and effective. 

My professional prowess of developing people includes:

  1. fostering and promoting a paradigm shift in which school leaders experience growth in their character traits by developing their on-stage presence and the identification of their audience.

  2. mentoring school leaders to fully engage their audience in the goals of the organization.

  3. championing school leaders to go “beyond Z” to produce exemplary results and to participate in a collegial environment. 

  4. mentoring of junior and new teachers and school leaders to effectively transition in becoming powerful team members with a commitment to organizational goals.

  5. balancing the initiatives and goals of the organization with human resources expectations and state regulations.

  6. leading and inspiring school leaders to execute organizational priorities within budgetary guidelines.

I have successful leadership experience in the following sectors: 

  1. public schools – high school principal

  2. higher education – adjunct professor and supervisor of student teachers

  3. postsecondary educational corporations – dean of academic affairs and dean of education

  4. proprietary postsecondary education – director

  5. governmental educational agencies – statewide coordinator and division chief

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Audience-based transformational leadership modules


Foundations of Effective Leadership

This module develops the notions of Leader Types, Duties of Effective Leaders, Best Practices of Leaders, On-Stage Leadership, and The List.


Transformational Effective Leadership

This module introduces the concept of Audience Identification, Foundations of Transformational Leadership, and the Leader's Checklist.


Get Out Of The Office - Engage The Audience

This module demonstrates the wisdom involved to Get Out Of The Office, the proper methods to Engage The Audience, and Pitfalls To Avoid.


Get Out Of The Office - Practical Examples

This module provides experience-proven examples to guide School Leaders To Get Out Of The Office and To Engage The Audience; and it also provides the time honored advice of "If." 


Our customers deserve the highest level of support, and we work tirelessly to maintain those standards. When you choose to work with our team, know that you are consistently choosing quality and excellence. Customer service is at the heart of everything that we do.

Common Errors of New Leaders

This module provides insight into Common Errors of New Leaders and practical resolutions.


Professional Development and Mentoring

This module addresses Goals of Individualized Professional Development for Leaders, and the Mentoring and Growth Process.


Contact Information

Dr. Del Hart

300 Market Street

New Berlin, PA  17855


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